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Polar bears need your help!

In Animal News, Help the Animals on May 5, 2009 at 6:29 pm


Polar bears need your help! These animals are at risk of extinction from global warming—their sea-ice habitat is melting, posing a serious threat to the survival of the species.

Two rules were passed in the final days of the Bush administration that weaken the Endangered Species Act. One exempts an expansive range of activities from expert scientist review, and the other bans federal agencies from examining the effects of greenhouse gas emissions on polar bears.

President Obama’s Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, has overturned the regulation that exempted the expert scientist review. Additionally, he has authority to rescind the rule that reduces protections for polar bears. However, Salazar’s authority will expire on Friday, May 8.

Please act now in alliance with concerned scientists, members of Congress, and members of the California legislature to protect polar bears. Sign the petition from the Center for Biological Diversity in support of the removal of this dangerous rule. —Christina Cottini


The Pit Bull pounces on beluga protection

In Animal News on January 15, 2009 at 6:05 pm

OK. I’m going to make this short, albeit hardly sweet, because this is just too upsetting to contemplate for any longer than necessary. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has announced that the state of Alaska is filing a lawsuit against the Endangered Species Act’s protection of the Cook Inlet beluga whale. The rare white whale’s population is just holding on at a frighteningly vulnerable 375. Extinction is all but certain if Palin’s suit is successful. In August 2008, the governor sued to slash protections on behalf of endangered polar bears to ease conditions for big oil companies in the Arctic. The Center for Biological Diversity is contesting both suits.

Now onto pleasanter topics … the weather, for instance. It’s a sunny -5 in Chicago. I should have quit while I was even, perhaps, if not ahead. 

Endangered Species Act endangered

In Animal News on December 12, 2008 at 4:36 pm

The Bush administration may be wallowing in the midst of undeniable lame duckness, but its recklessness is still alive and well. To borrow a term used frequently in the recent presidential campaign, Bush seems nothing less than “hell-bent” on stripping the Endangered Species Act of much of its muscle.

Yesterday, Dec. 11, President Bush announced a new series of regulations allowing industry to subvert many of the act’s guidelines, further endangering species ostensibly protected under the act. The regulations include exempting greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants and oil and gas drilling. Tens of thousands of logging, mining, road-building, and development projects are also being exempted from Endangered Species Act review, allowing the agencies proposing the expanded logging and mining to conduct their own reviews. Additionally, federal regulators would be barred from enforcing the protection of the recently declared endangered polar bears and Florida corals.

The Center for Biological Diversity filed suit against the administration within minutes of the announcement. Together with the Defenders of Wildlife and Greenpeace, the center is pleading that the court declare the new regulations illegal with due haste.