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Mutt Madness

In Animal News on March 29, 2010 at 9:05 pm

Here's where I live!

Did little Hiccup get jealous when you sat down to take the 2010 census? Does she too wish to fill out that glorious form informing the government of her ethnicity and whereabouts? Well, Hiccup’s day has come. The 2010 Mutt Census gives the country’s some 38 million mixed-breed dogs a chance to be counted, just like their human counterparts.

The census is conducted by Mars Veterinary, the makers of Wisdom Panel Insights, an easy to use cheek swab test to determine a dog’s ancestry.

So far 13,617 mutts have been counted, and we don’t want little Hiccup to feel left out. To register your dog in the 2010 Mutt Census, head over to MuttCensus.com. Guardians can input the breed, age, size, and whether the dog is adopted or not. Other fun questions include: Where does your dog sleep at night? Who walks the dog most of the time? And do you regard your dog as a member of your family? You can also upload a picture of your pooch to the website.

The best part of the Mutt Census is the interactive U.S. map, which allows you to check out the results for each state, including most popular and most unique breed.

Registering your mutt can win you prizes as well. The grand prize is a Mars Petcare package with a retail value of $100, and weekly winners will receive a bag of Greenies dental chews valued at $10. —Sarah Hyde