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Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day!

In Animal News, Happy Tails, Just for Fun on June 24, 2010 at 7:17 pm

For one day, dogs nationwide are going to the office instead of the backyard. June 25 marks the annual Take Your Dog to Work Day to celebrate the bond between pet guardians and their dogs. Participating businesses will also “go furry,” encouraging and promoting the adoption of shelter and rescue dogs.

In 1999, Pet Sitters International (PSI) an educational association for professionals working in the pet care industry, created this event to support local pets in the community and to educate on the advantages of adoption and responsible care for a pet.

Marisa Landau runs DogCentric, a PSI-member business. The mid-day private dog walking company located in Maryland has dogs at the office every day. In honor of this month’s special day, DogCentric is hosting a Yappy Hour, inviting people and their dogs to stop by Tommy Joe’s, a restaurant in Bethesda, MD, and share stories about their dog’s experiences of the day.

According to Landau, businesses that allow dogs to visit provide the work environment with motivation. “Not everyone is willing or able to own a pet of their own, so having pets in the workplace can be a real treat,” Landau says. “A pet’s presence in the workplace is likely to increase employee interaction, create conversation among employees, can boost employee morale, and lower stress levels.”

The official Take Your Dog to Work Day website mentions tips to improve your dog’s visit: Prepare your dog before meeting new people or other dogs; use a baby gate to keep your dog in a comfortable area; and have a back up plan just in case your dog is not comfortable with the atmosphere.

For more information visit www.takeyourdog.com –Nicole Soszynski

Luna hard at work


Celebrate your Pet, Come On!

In Happy Tails, Just for Fun on February 1, 2010 at 9:44 pm

Ahh this is the life

If Pebble’s birthday is long gone and you’re dying for an excuse to go above and beyond for your pet, Responsible Pet Guardian Month is the perfect occasion. The whole month of February is all about promoting responsible pet guardianship and celebrating those of us who take phenomenal care of our pets.

Besides the obvious ways to be a responsible pet guardian, (think: spay/neuter, vaccinations, yearly check-ups and daily exercise), this is the month to get creative by pampering that pooch or coddling that cat.

In case you’re stumped, you’re in luck, because here at Tails our creative juices are always flowing. Might we suggest…

1). If Lola sits home all day while you’re at work, how about signing her up for doggie daycare once a week so she can make new friends? As a bonus, she’ll probably be super pooped when you pick her up.

2). We all know how much dogs love pig ears and other smelly, messy chew toys. We also know how much we don’t like them. Maybe just once–in honor of Responsible Pet Guardian Month–give in and allow one night of unbridled feasting on these greasy delights.

3). OK…maybe you consider pet massages and kitty aromatherapy a little outlandish, but in addition to your pets’ normal grooming routine why not find an animal spa to give Precious some much-deserved R&R? Who knows? It could be just what the vet ordered.

4). Make a resolution to give your pet a little extra of whatever it is he or she craves. If Ollie loves to get his pads on the pavement and go for walks, stay outside an extra 10 minutes during potty breaks. Or if Snickers adores chasing ribbon even more than making a scratching post out of your favorite armchair, whip out the ribbon and go nuts!

These are just a few of the many ways to be a more considerate, attentive, and responsible pet guardian….So get creative and make their month!

Pet Obsessed? There’s an app for that

In Animal News, Happy Tails, Just for Fun on January 6, 2010 at 9:42 pm

Who doesn’t love scouring the iPhone application store for hours on end? Sure you don’t need digital bubble wrap to pop or to pay $0.99 for something called an iFart but it’s all part of the fun. Now with this app list, Fido, Rover and the rest of the gang can join in the fun with these handy applications geared towards them.

Hey Walkies!
Have you found yourself wandering aimlessly around NYC with your dog? You hug his leash tightly to your side while little Rover darts away from incoming stilettos and briefcases lest he get impaled? If only you could easily locate the dog parks and dog runs in your area so Rover could run free. Fret not my canine comrades, Hey Walkies! iPhone application to the rescue!

This hot-off-the-presses app was created for the NYC BigApps Competition and is already a fan favorite. Hey Walkies! is very simple to use, just open the app and it calculates your location and offers a satellite or traditional map view of the surrounding dog parks along with addresses and other useful information. Best of all, Hey Walkies! is free.

Fido Factor
It’s a fact; Fido always gets the short end of the stick. We humans have countless resources to help us find the best salons, gyms and bars. Yet our canine counterparts are destined to wander the abyss of groomers, parks and pet stores hoping they stumble upon a suitable one.

Well, not anymore: enter Fido Factor, the self-proclaimed Yelp.com for dogs. This handy app allows you to review listings in a number of categories including restaurants that allow dogs, pet boutiques, and pet services. Each listing has a user rating, photos, helpful tips and reviews. Again, another perk is that it’s free.

Pet Dossier
This app from Yep Yup digitally organizes your pet’s life, which, let’s face it, isn’t the easiest thing in the world with his grueling social schedule and propensity for the sniffles. For $1.99, Pet Dossier allows you to record all of Mr. Cuddles essential information into one place. Record medications, vet visits, food specifications and more into your pet’s file and bask in the joy of finally having everything in one place. You can even e-mail the information to caregivers or set alarms for vet appointments.

Pet Names Plus
Desperate to find the perfect name for your new pet and outdated monikers like Borris and Eldred just won’t do? Perhaps Pet Names Plus can be of service. This $0.99 app features listings of over 3,000 names. Scroll through alphabetically or browse by species or popularity. Pet Names Plus even lists the most common names for not-so-common animals such as spiders and pigs. The app also has a feature to keep track of your favorite names so they don’t slip your mind before little Lester comes bounding home with you. –Sarah Hyde

Vicktory for Halle

In Animal News, Happy Tails on February 16, 2009 at 8:37 pm


After a long recovery period, 1 of the 47 pit bulls Micheal Vick used for dogfighting is on her way to a better life.

Halle and 21 of her other dogfighting brothers and sisters have been at the Best Friends Sanctuary at Angel Canyon. There the dogs received special care and have taken major steps toward recovery.

They refer to the dogs as the Vicktory dogs, and Halle’s story is a victory for her and her new family. Traci, Halle’s current foster mother, heard about the Vicktory Dogs and she thought they deserved better and wanted to help. After talking to Best Friends she was informed that the application process for one of the ex-dogfighting dogs was lengthy, and might not even be possible depending on the progress the dogs were making at the sanctuary.
When Best Friends got another Pit Bull puppy they immediately thought of Traci. Tacoma and Traci hit it off and Traci took Tacoma home, but she still wanted to be considered for one of the Vicktory dogs. After Traci completed the lengthy adoption process Traci was approved to adopt one of the Vicktory dogs. When it came to deciding which dog she had one request, “Pick the dog you think will get along best with Tacoma.”

Halle and Tacoma are now inseparable. Traci will foster Halle for six months and if everything works out Halle will stay with Tacoma and Traci in her new forever home. –Amanda Degard

Photo courtesy Best Friends Animal Society

Happy Tails: The first installment

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For those of you craving a feel-good rescued animal story, meet Jeffrey, who was recently saved by the Paw’d Squad in Los Angeles.