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Chicago’s Anti-Cruelty Society hosts dog-friendly happy hour

In Just for Fun on June 1, 2010 at 4:47 pm

Chicago’s Anti-Cruelty Society is hosting a “Sit. Stay. Drink.” dog-friendly happy hour on Wed., June 9. I attended one of the Society’s happy hour parties last year, and I gotta tell you, I had a great time.

And it wasn’t because of the two vodkas-on-the-rocks (although they didn’t hurt). I had a great time because just about everyone who attended the event brought their dogs.

Take a look for yourself.

Here’s the thing: When you bring dogs to a party, you’re bringing furry ice-breakers. You may walk into this event not knowing anyone, but when you leave, you’ll have shaken hands and paws with many new acquaintances and maybe even some new friends. So make plans to enjoy a couple of after-work libations with some great people and dogs at “Sit.Stay.Drink.” –Amy Abern

Who: Anti-Cruelty Society

What: Sit.Stay.Drink.

When: Wednesday, June 9, 6-9pm

Where: Uncle Fatty’s Rum Resort and Pabst Brewing Company,

2833 N. Sheffield, Chicago

Cost: $10

Info: Events@AntiCruelty.org

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