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Gulf Coast cleanup gets hairy

In Animal News on May 12, 2010 at 8:04 pm

A new cleanup effort is underway to help limit the damage being done by the oil spill in the Gulf Coast. MatterOfTrust.org has undertaken a worthy cause to collect hundreds of thousands of pounds of human and pet hair and fur that will be fashioned into super-absorbent, all-natural mats and containment booms.

Image courtesy of MatterOfTrust.org

The oil actually clings to the fur and hair, a discovery made by a hairstylist in 1989 after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, allowing for a quick and effective cleanup (a pound of hair can collect a quart of oil in just two minutes).

MatterOfTrust.org is working with thousands of salons and groomers throughout the country, but is also accepting any personal donations of collected hair, fur, and nylons or mesh as well. The nylons and mesh are stuffed with the hair and fur and then attached to the sides of the boats moving through the spill.

Stopping by your local salons and dog groomers and asking for donations is a great way to champion this cause. To start now, sign up at MatterOfTrust.org, and you will be emailed information on where and how to send your donations. —Brendan Quealy

  1. Sounds awsome. I work in a salon in Missouri, how can I get on board?

  2. I am friends with a colorist at a salon. How do I find out more?

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