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‘Meals’ act will help animals as well

In Animal News on April 20, 2010 at 7:35 pm

House Resolution 4870—better known as the Healthy School Meals Act—is garnering major support from celebrities and organizations across the country. That support includes actress Scarlett Johannson, Olympic medalist Amanda Beard, and animal rights organizations such as the Humane Society and Farm Sanctuary.

Farm Sanctuary, the leading farm animal protection organization, wants to get even more people on board. The organization is making a nationwide plea on Wed., April 21, urging all citizens to participate by calling their legislators and representatives and telling them to support this bill.

The $4 million initiative will gradually implement meal choices consisting of plant-based food and non-dairy beverage options over the next two years for federally subsidized school lunches.

Aside from the obvious positive effects the initiative will have on the children who rely on these lunches as well as those searching for a vegetarian option, the bill’s passage would also greatly reduce the consumption of meat products from factory farm animals. This reduction will not only help the animals’ well-being, but the overall health of the environment. Potentially, methane emissions would decrease along with overgrazing.

Most schools use the grade of meat currently offered due to its low cost, but HR 4870 offers financial incentives as well as tax breaks to those schools who implement the program.

The Healthy School Meals Act tries to cover all bases by meeting needs on all sides: from the health conscious to the environmentally aware to those with financial concerns.

For more information about the National Call-In Day in support of the Healthy School Meals Act, or to learn how to contact you legislator, visit FarmSanctuary.org. —Brendan Quealy


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