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MOMMY TAILS: An Introduction

In Animal News on April 19, 2010 at 3:37 pm

Katie Marsico has written for Tails since 1999. In addition to contributing feature stories to the magazine, she now will write a weekly blog post for Tattle Tails, giving us a glimpse into her often funny and always chaotic life as mother, pet guardian, and writer.

By way of introduction, allow me to say that I’m a mom of three human kids, three canine babies, a rabbit, rat, hamster, box turtle, anole, three goldfish, and a superworm that morphed into a beetle and is now sitting in a bug box in my daughter’s room. I’m also a stay-at-home freelance author and a devoted fan of and writer for Tails. I began reporting for founder Janice Brown in 1999 and have been with the publication ever since.

As the new mommy blogger for Tails, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the online table–one that demonstrates how pet guardianship serves as a wonderful opportunity to teach kids values like responsibility and empathy. Heck, loving and losing two of our cherished dogs when my 5-year-old daughter was younger even offered a platform to tackle issues such as life and death. And, as a mom who’s watched our aging Beagle mix do everything from predicting my autistic son’s seizures to stopping our home from being burglarized, I can appreciate how much the animals in our house have added to our identity and strength as a family.

Of course, not every lesson learned is quite so serious. Life as a mom and a pet guardian is the source of constant hilarity and high jinx. Just a few weeks ago, I was busting into my daughter’s room with the vacuum when she and her friends accidentally dumped the turtle’s worm supply on the carpet. And then there was the day not so long back when I sprinted four blocks in bare feet when our Poodle mix escaped out the front door. Yet, from humane mouse traps to broken fish tanks, the wonders that make up our world provide us with humor–albeit a touch of chaos, as well.

So, in closing this long-winded introduction, I hope to regale any readers who stumble upon these blog entries with tales of how parenting in a clan with multiple paw prints is both an adventure and a treasure trove of lessons that I would not otherwise know how to impart to my children. I plan on coming back to share more soon. Unfortunately, I just heard the aforementioned Beagle pulling my 3-year-old’s plate of tacos down from the kitchen table . . .


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