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Not even your pets are safe from apps

In Animal News on April 12, 2010 at 9:23 pm

There literally is an app for everything–from useful ones such as up-to-the-minute travel times and bank account alerts, to diversions like virtual Zippo lighter and Bubble Wrap. With so many apps available to the human set, it is no wonder that these technological innovations have made their way into the pet world. Below, a few of our favorites:

  • Pet Notebook ($2.99): The most comprehensive pet app currently available though iTunes. You can enter all of the vital (and not so vital) information about your beloved pet into your phone. From name, birth date, weight, vaccination numbers, current medications, and microchip number, the “Pet Notebook” even allows users to upload photos into a gallery. For the organization capabilities, it is well worth it.
  • Pet Vet Records (FREE): Keeps all of your vet records in order and available at any moment.
  • Pet Owner’s Manual ($1.99): Offers a comprehensive guide to pet care and first aid for all non-exotic pets. Vet-sponsored.
  • Dog First Aid ($1.99): For the worrier with a canine by his side, this app offers clear and concise advice if your dog has an emergency. Vet-sponsored.
  • Pet Stores (.99): Sends you on the way to the nearest place to pick up food or a chew toy if you happen to be out of town with you animal.
  • Off Leash (.99): A great app for the person who travels a lot with her dog. This app can locate the nearest dog park and gives you directions from your current location. –Brendan Quealy

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