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Ask Congress to Make Pet Stores Transparent in Illinois

In Animal News on March 18, 2010 at 9:16 pm

The Illinois Pet Disclosure Bills, SB 3594 and HB 5772, urgently need your support.

Please do your part to keep pet stores in Illinois accountable by contacting the following congress people, giving your name and city, and expressing your support for the Pet Disclosure Bill:

Representative Brandon W. Phelps (D), 118th District: (217) 782-5131

Representative Patrick J. Verschoore (D), 72nd District: (217) 782-5970

Representative Jim Sacia (R), 89th District: (217) 782-8186

Representative John D. Cavaletto (R), 107th District: (217) 782-0066

Representative Shane Cultra (R), 105th District: (217) 558-1039

Representative Lisa M. Dugan (D), 79th District: (217) 782-5981

Representative Robert F. Flider (D), 101st District: (217) 782-8398, r@repflider.com

Representative Mary E. Flowers (D), 31st District: (217) 782-4207, e@ilga.gov

Representative Julie Hamos (D), 18th District: (217) 782-8052

Representative Donald L. Moffitt (R), 74th District: (217) 782-8032, t@grics.net

Representative Richard P. Myers (R), 94th District: (217) 782-0416, s@macomb.com

Representative David Reis (R), 108th District: (217) 782-2087, d@davidreis.org

Representative Dan Reitz (D), 116th District: (217) 782-1018, z@egyptian.net

Susana A. Mendoza (D), 1st District: (217) 782-7752, staterepmendoza@gmail.com


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