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My Pig Ate My Cell Phone

In Just for Fun on March 2, 2010 at 9:51 pm

Tastes Like Chicken

We’ve heard it all, from my dog ate my homework to my dog buried the car keys in the back yard. But, my pig ate my cell phone?! You betcha.

Here’s the crazy and true story, as told by the manager of a Monet, Missouri Verizon Wireless store who heard it from a farmer…

The farmer sauntered into to the store with a rather interesting story:

“I know where my phone is, but I cannot retrieve it. While feeding my pigs, one of them nudged my phone and knocked it out of my holster. Before I could retrieve it, one of the other Pigs picked it up and swallowed it. I confirmed this after calling it (it was on vibrate) and my pig went crazy and broke through a fence. I called it one more time to prove to my wife what actually happened. Well, the pig broke through a wall in the barn, so I stopped calling.”

The farmer wanted to know if insurance would cover that. And as we say at Tails, all’s well that ends well: the pig is perfectly fine, and the farmer got his phone replaced. Lesson learned.

To prevent a pet-tastrophe like this from happening to you be sure to purchase a tough cover to provide the best protection and of course insurance is a must.

Mmmm...sim cards!

As told by: Cheryl Bini Armbrecht

  1. My spaniel took my cellphone and buried it! Again! I thought he’d grown out of that stuff. I switched off my cellphone last night, the dog took advantage and buried it. He’s buried a wristwatch belonging to my husband as well as a gold bracelet and a silver bracelet. I gave him my husband’s cellphone to go play hide with this morning – husband says, nah, he’s not that kind of dog – Jason went straight out and buried it under a bush where he’s hidden tennis balls and engaged in some serious excavation work. Turned out to be a red herring, my cellphone wasn’t there. Outfoxed by Jason again! I’ve tried a metal detector, but there are so many ferns in the garden it’s impossible to get through all of it.

  2. 24K gold gracelets are nice, those gold plated bracelets are nice too but they don’t last as long as pure 24K gold bracelets”:-

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