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Celebrate your Pet, Come On!

In Happy Tails, Just for Fun on February 1, 2010 at 9:44 pm

Ahh this is the life

If Pebble’s birthday is long gone and you’re dying for an excuse to go above and beyond for your pet, Responsible Pet Guardian Month is the perfect occasion. The whole month of February is all about promoting responsible pet guardianship and celebrating those of us who take phenomenal care of our pets.

Besides the obvious ways to be a responsible pet guardian, (think: spay/neuter, vaccinations, yearly check-ups and daily exercise), this is the month to get creative by pampering that pooch or coddling that cat.

In case you’re stumped, you’re in luck, because here at Tails our creative juices are always flowing. Might we suggest…

1). If Lola sits home all day while you’re at work, how about signing her up for doggie daycare once a week so she can make new friends? As a bonus, she’ll probably be super pooped when you pick her up.

2). We all know how much dogs love pig ears and other smelly, messy chew toys. We also know how much we don’t like them. Maybe just once–in honor of Responsible Pet Guardian Month–give in and allow one night of unbridled feasting on these greasy delights.

3). OK…maybe you consider pet massages and kitty aromatherapy a little outlandish, but in addition to your pets’ normal grooming routine why not find an animal spa to give Precious some much-deserved R&R? Who knows? It could be just what the vet ordered.

4). Make a resolution to give your pet a little extra of whatever it is he or she craves. If Ollie loves to get his pads on the pavement and go for walks, stay outside an extra 10 minutes during potty breaks. Or if Snickers adores chasing ribbon even more than making a scratching post out of your favorite armchair, whip out the ribbon and go nuts!

These are just a few of the many ways to be a more considerate, attentive, and responsible pet guardian….So get creative and make their month!

  1. I need no excuse to spoil my cats, but what a great way to get owners to be aware. I will celebrate this all month thanks

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