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In Just for Fun on November 11, 2009 at 5:23 pm

Peoples Choice

Tails upcoming cover star, Victoria Stilwell‘s show It’s Me or the Dog was recently nominated for a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Animal Show. Other nominees are Animal Cops, Dog Whisperer, DogTown,and Rescue Ink Unleashed. 

Visit PeoplesChoice.com to cast your vote! Voting ends Dec. 8 at 11:59pm, so vote now!

And be sure to check out Tails’ story on Victoria in the Dec/Jan issue, out soon!

  1. I voted for Animal Cops. I do not like Victoria Stilwell, I feel she does not truly help pet owners, but is more of a tv personality, all her methods revolve around stuffing the dog full of treats, and never correcting behavior, just ignoring it. Most of her methods simply put a band-aid on problem behavior. I also feel Cesar Millan is too harsh, why can’t there be an in-between? She is not a real dog trainer.

  2. To elaborate- More and more dogs are reportedly aggressive, being given up and EUTHANIZED for behavior reasons. Partly due to “all positive” training techniques that do not work! They are not effective! They may be “warm and fuzzy” and make us feel good, but they are ineffective, simple as that.

    So many pet owners have problems with aggression and all sorts of issues in their dogs. Then you have trainers who refuse to take an open-mind and use the tools that will help them. Instead of helping the owners and the dog, the trainer will say “I don’t believe in correcting, or using training collars…” Meanwhile, the pet owner is tearing their hair out, trying these “all positive” techniques for months and months with little results. Not every method will work for every dog. Some dogs need correction to make their behavior reliable, and it’s a reasonable method that works for people. Not just treats and no-limits, but nature has consequences, too. Training has to be safe and not harmful, but correcting a dog is not harmful! It’s necessary at some point, and lack of correction is why we have aggressive dogs biting children and being given up or put to sleep.

  3. I have personally met both Cesar and Victoria in an environment where dogs were present…..and needed correction. Without any doubt Cesar was light years ahead of poor Victoria. What took Cesar less than 2 seconds of correction took Victoria 2 weeks. There’s no commarision. You can sit around and analyze behavior modification techniques till your face turns purple….or you can instantly tell the dog to stop a behavior. Its the human that ALWAYS needs training…never the pet. That’s like blaming water for wanting to go downhill.

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