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Adopt A Senior Pet this Month!

In Animal News on November 10, 2009 at 10:46 pm

November is Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month. What better way to celebrate than by opening your heart and forever home to a veteran pooch or kitty! From the comfort you’ll take in knowing their personality the moment you meet them to the overwhelming gratitude and love they’ll lavish upon you for choosing them, there are so many reasons an older pet might just be your perfect match. If you still need convincing, the ASPCA reminds us of the most important reason of all: “They’re cute!”

Check out the ASPCA’s other reasons to adopt and older dog at ASPCA.org.

Petfinder.com offers hints on caring for your senior pet at Petfinder.com/pet-care/senior-dog-adoption.html and Petfinder.com/pet-care/senior-cat.html.

Ready to adopt? To find a senior dog in your area, go to Adopt-A-Senior-Pet.adoptapet.com. —Sarah Hughes

  1. Senior dogs are great! It’s nice to not have to go through the puppy phases. They deserve a home so badly, to live out their last years. It can be very rewarding to own an older dog.

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