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New website helps send anonymous message to neighbor’s barking dogs

In Health and Safety on October 29, 2009 at 3:07 pm

stop barking dog

You know that bark, the inevitable howl ringing through the evening: it’s your neighbor’s dog’s nightly routine. Since you don’t want to cause friction when you run into him around town, however, you are left sleep-deprived and holding a grudge.

StopMyNeighborsDog.com, a new website launched by industry leader in pet safety and behavior products PetSafe, hopes to bring peace to neighborhood barking disputes by allowing neighbors to subtly spotlight nuisance barking to pet parents politely and anonymously.

Rather than simply investing in earplugs, concerned neighbors may send either an anonymous e-mail or postcard pre-written in a friendly, humorous, or serious tone to the beloved barker’s people, with the option to include tips on controlling nuisance barking and a coupon for a product from PetSafe’s line of bark solution training products.

“One of the most frequent sources of calls to local animal control departments is excessive barking from dogs,” says Randy Boyd, PetSafe President and CEO. “We hope the web site will help ease friction between neighbors and also keep otherwise good dogs from being taken to the pound.” –Sarah Hughes

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