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The winner of the Tails costume contest is… Mike!

In Just for Fun on October 22, 2009 at 8:32 pm


Congratulations to Mike and his guardian, Betsy Fessler of Campbell, CA. Mike is an 8-year-old Rat Terrier.

Fessler adopted Mike from Furry Friends Animal Rescue when he was 4 months old. She met him at an adoption event. “Upon arrival, I fell in love,” she says. “He was too cute.”

Fessler says she found the skunk costume while rummaging through the clearance bin at a local pet store. “I knew the skunk costume was perfect for Mike, considering his size and his coloring of mostly black and white to match the costume,” Fessler says. “But the costume didn’t have any packaging or any price.” When she went to purchase the costume, the cashier didn’t know the price either. He eventually told her she could have the costume for free if she made a donation to the local animal shelter. “I agreed, made my donation to the shelter at the register, and Mike has been proudly sporting it each Halloween ever since!” Fessler says.

Thanks to all of our readers who sent in pics of their furry friends’ best Halloween gear.

Mike will receive a faux leather jacket courtesy of Target.

Click here to see more of our favorite entries.


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