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The perfect pet?

In Just for Fun on August 18, 2009 at 4:56 pm

Have you ever imagined the “perfect” pet? British scientists have created a computer simulation of the animal (named Max by the scientists) based on survey responses of 2,000 animal lovers in the U.K. asked to list ideal pet traits. Behavioral characteristics of the perfect four-footed specimen include high energy levels, a love for daily walks, and a proneness to sleep approximately nine hours and 27 minutes a day. As for appearance, you’d best see for yourself. But with the ears of a rabbit, face of a cat, body of a Golden Retriever, and tail of a horse, let’s just say he may be theoretically perfect, but isn’t going to win any beauty contests anytime soon.

  1. I’ve already got the perfect two pets…but then I am rather biased.

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