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ASPCA responds to Vick’s release from custody

In Animal News on July 20, 2009 at 8:49 pm

ASPCA President and CEO Ed Sayres has released a statement prompted by former NFL star and convicted dogfighter Michael Vick’s release today from federal custody.

Read the statement here.

Vick has intentions to work with the HSUS to promote anti-dogfighting campaigns. PETA had previously considered working the suspended NFL quarterback, but rescinded its offer late last year after Vick did not react to a request by the group to have a brain scan along with psychological evaluation.

Vick’s return to the NFL is dependent on commissioner Roger Goodell, who has said he would review Vick’s status after Vick completed his sentence.

  1. Personally, I am just glad to see Vick back in any capacity, whether in the NFL or the UFL. Here is an interesting article about what’s next for Mike: https://www.mindreign.com/en/mindshare/Sports/What-s-Next-for-Mike-Vick-3f/sl40763392bp324cpp10pn1.html

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