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New evidence exposes Petland pet stores’ support of puppy mills once again

In Animal News on July 1, 2009 at 2:28 pm

Petland has been exposed as the country’s largest chain of pet stores that sells dogs from puppy mills, according to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). After a six-month investigation, the HSUS has new evidence stating that 95 percent of the chain’s stores have supported puppy mills by buying and reselling their dogs with the cover that they’ve purchased them from in-home breeders. Over the course of the investigation, more than 500 people have come forward admitting that the dogs they bought sick animals from Petland.

Puppy mills are known to be abusive boarding arrangements for dogs, providing them with caged living and little food, exercise, medical care or human interaction.

If you are thinking about adopting, here are some adoption tips to keep in mind:
• Check them out ahead of time. Where did they come from?
• Learn a little about the pet’s family history—How were they bred? Were the parents abused? Did they have any genetic traits that could be passed on to your new animal?
• Don’t just buy pets online – physically go to the location and spend some time with them. —Morgan McMillan

  1. Stay away from PuppiesEverything.ca – the “Pet Store” in Stratford, ON on Corcoran Street.The owner will proudly take you on tours of their makeshift “pet store” telling the world “Yes, I am a puppy mill!”and their “quarantine” area. They think they’re in the animal business, what they’re NOT is qualfied in any veterinary sense to be keeping the ill ones in their back room instead of sending them to an animal clinic. They lie to their customers and let the dogs die from malnutrition/ being taken from their mothers too soon, and that’s only what happened to me after we put a downpayment on a dog and went back to get it. The owner’s wife is aggressive and violent and says the Perth SPCA “Are her best friends” where complaints being filed are concerned. Don’t buy their animals and for God’s sake, breeders, sell them privately and humanely! They’re famous for taking your *downpayment* and then accepting higher prices from other buyers. Suddenly, your dog is “dead” when you go in to get it!
    If you go into these places and the animals look unhealthy, SPCA says to call them, that they aren’t allowed to go in without *cause*. But if SPCA is the “best friend” of the perpetrators, then don’t expect anyone to look after the animals’ health and welfare!
    What I have is a heartbroken kid who wanted to work to buy a puppy who has been devastated by this unprofessional dump’s cruelty and desperation for money!

  2. Now we can help the dogs in puppy mills to have a much better life. Please spread the word!!!!


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