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Mr. Clucky faces eviction

In Animal News on June 30, 2009 at 7:22 pm

Mr Clucky

Miami Beach has long been known for its eccentricity. Pet rooster Mr. Clucky and his guardian Mark Buckley have become icons in the community, and their supporters are rallying around them in droves to protest the recent efforts of the city to evict the rooster.

Buckley received a citation on May 27 for keeping a farm animal within city limits. Contrary to early reports, there is no official complaint against Mr. Clucky for excessive noise. The bird sleeps in a “quiet box,” which prevents him from crowing during the early-morning hours. Buckley paid the $75 hearing fee, and received a court date for Mr. Clucky for July 29 at 9am.

Three years ago, Buckley found the rooster bleeding and injured near his South Beach apartment. He nursed him to recovery and began taking him on bike rides around the city. In addition to recognition for his ability to balance on Buckley’s handlebars while cruising the strip, Mr. Clucky is also well known for his activism efforts.

The celebrity bird was named Best Activist in Miami Beach by Metromix in 2008, and is a mascot for Critical Mass (a group of bike-riding environmental activists), EarthSave (a global movement of people promoting healthy, life-sustaining food choices), and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). He even served as grand marshal of the annual King Mango Strut Parade in nearby Coconut Grove in 2008.

Buckley is hopeful that Mr. Clucky’s quandary will help to raise awareness of the condition of animals caught in the factory farm system. He is coordinating a petition to be presented to officials at Miami Beach City Hall and soliciting support from the surrounding community.

For more information on Mr. Clucky and Buckley’s appeal to the city of Miami Beach, please visit MrClucky.com. —Christina Cottini


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