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Think Twice Before Leaving Your Pup in the Car

In Health and Safety on June 23, 2009 at 6:20 pm

In Concord, CA, Debbie Brown, 40, and her boyfriend, Chris, left their 2-year-old pooch, Lexi, in their air-conditioned vehicle. After grabbing a quick lunch, they returned to their Escalade to find the passenger side window smashed and their beloved Yorkie-Chihuahua mix nowhere to be found, according to a report in PeoplePets.com.

The couple called the police, who showed up immediately. Fingerprints could not be taken due to short staffing. Brown and her boyfriend did not waste time and decided they needed to take matters into their own hands and offer a $10,000 reward. Between Brown, Chris, and friends, the hefty reward was made possible.

“Within an hour to 45 minutes of her being gone, we had over 500 fliers up and on every single car at the Elephant Bar,” Brown says. “By the next afternoon, Channel 5 was good enough to come out and put the story on.”

The reward caused many bogus phone calls. But Monday morning gave Brown and her boyfriend hope. A person whom they believe to be the thief called and sent a photo of Lexi dressed in a jean jacket. “I said, ‘Oh my God, it’s her!’” Brown recalls.

Chris insisted on meeting the thief alone at a Petco in Alameda. “They gave him the dog, he gave them the $10,000, and nothing was said. That was it,” said Brown.

Lexi is home with her guardian and will not be left alone ever again. Brown guarantees that her 3-pound pooch will not be out of her sight again. “She’s in my arms, and she’s going to be in my arms from now on,” Brown says. —Jillian Wolande


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