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Mr. Clucky faces eviction

In Animal News on June 30, 2009 at 7:22 pm

Mr Clucky

Miami Beach has long been known for its eccentricity. Pet rooster Mr. Clucky and his guardian Mark Buckley have become icons in the community, and their supporters are rallying around them in droves to protest the recent efforts of the city to evict the rooster.

Buckley received a citation on May 27 for keeping a farm animal within city limits. Contrary to early reports, there is no official complaint against Mr. Clucky for excessive noise. The bird sleeps in a “quiet box,” which prevents him from crowing during the early-morning hours. Buckley paid the $75 hearing fee, and received a court date for Mr. Clucky for July 29 at 9am.

Three years ago, Buckley found the rooster bleeding and injured near his South Beach apartment. He nursed him to recovery and began taking him on bike rides around the city. In addition to recognition for his ability to balance on Buckley’s handlebars while cruising the strip, Mr. Clucky is also well known for his activism efforts.

The celebrity bird was named Best Activist in Miami Beach by Metromix in 2008, and is a mascot for Critical Mass (a group of bike-riding environmental activists), EarthSave (a global movement of people promoting healthy, life-sustaining food choices), and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). He even served as grand marshal of the annual King Mango Strut Parade in nearby Coconut Grove in 2008.

Buckley is hopeful that Mr. Clucky’s quandary will help to raise awareness of the condition of animals caught in the factory farm system. He is coordinating a petition to be presented to officials at Miami Beach City Hall and soliciting support from the surrounding community.

For more information on Mr. Clucky and Buckley’s appeal to the city of Miami Beach, please visit MrClucky.com. —Christina Cottini


ASPCA offers July 4th safety tips

In Health and Safety on June 30, 2009 at 3:30 pm


Keep Fido safe this 4th of July weekend! The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center offers the following tips:

*Never leave alcoholic drinks unattended where pets can reach them. Alcoholic beverages have the potential to poison pets. If ingested, the animal could become very intoxicated and weak, severely depressed or could go into a coma. Death from respiratory failure is also a possibility in severe cases.

*Do not apply any sunscreen or insect repellent product to your pet that is not labeled specifically for use on animals. Ingestion of sunscreen products can result in drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, and lethargy. The misuse of insect repellent that contains DEET can lead to neurological problems.

*Always keep matches and lighter fluid out of your pets’ reach. Certain types of matches contain chlorates, which could potentially damage blood cells and result in difficulty breathing—or even kidney disease in severe cases. Lighter fluid can be irritating to skin, and if ingested can produce gastrointestinal irritation and central nervous system depression. If lighter fluid is inhaled, aspiration pneumonia and breathing problems could develop.

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World’s Ugliest Dog no longer a Chinese crested

In Just for Fun on June 29, 2009 at 7:24 pm
Meet your new ugliest dog!

Meet your new ugliest dog!

Ugly dogs from around the country came out to the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, CA Friday to compete for the title of World’s Ugliest Dog. Pabst, a Boxer mix took first place.

Pabst was an audience favorite and is the first non-Chinese crested to win in over seven years.

“I don’t think he’s that ugly!” said Pabst’s guardian, Miles Egstad, 25, from Citrus Heights, CA. The 60-lb pooch was rescued three years ago from a shelter. He was named after Pabst Blue Ribbon beer because he had a “bitter beer face,” Egstad says.

Friends suggested Egstad enter the dog in the 21st annual contest. Pabst won $1,600 plus a yearlong modeling contract signed with his paw.

Woof ’n’ Worship

In Just for Fun on June 25, 2009 at 7:02 pm

Rachel Bickford, pastor of Pilgrim Congregational Church in North Weymouth, MA, has lit upon an unusually furry way of motivating her congregation to turn out on Sunday mornings: dog-friendly church services. In addition to doubling the number of feet in her pews in a hurry, the inclusion of dogs in Bickford’s services has given church members a reason to talk to each other and reconnect next Sunday. Friendships, among dogs and people, have sprouted exponentially since Woof ‘n’ Worship’s inception and show no signs of slowing down.

Help Homeless Pets Just by Shopping

In Help the Animals on June 25, 2009 at 5:11 pm

Shop online at BringPetsHome.org and help homeless pets. This new site has a mission to raise money for animal shelters through shopping!

The site serves as an online portal where visitors can access more than 150 major online retailers, like Amazon, Sephora, Wal-Mart, ITunes, and many more. To raise money, online shoppers register at with the site and select an animal shelter of their choice to support. Then they may click-through to the merchant of choice. Each retailer specifies a percent commission and donates that percentage to Bring Pets Home.

In addition, BringPetsHome.org provides visitors with valuable pet care information, interaction with fellow pet lovers. It is a great way to network and get together with friends to share stories, advice, and pictures.

According to the ASPCA, Every year six to eight million animals enter U.S. shelters. One million additional dogs and cats are in danger of losing their homes in 2009. All dogs and cats need food, shelter, and medical care.

“Bring Pets Home is a great way for pet lovers to raise money to help homeless animals without ever leaving home-and at no cost to them,” says Linda Block, marketing director for HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service and Bring Pets Home. “Anyone can help by simply remembering to visit BringPetsHome.org to click-through to a favorite online merchant whenever shopping online.”
Jillian Wolande

Think Twice Before Leaving Your Pup in the Car

In Health and Safety on June 23, 2009 at 6:20 pm

In Concord, CA, Debbie Brown, 40, and her boyfriend, Chris, left their 2-year-old pooch, Lexi, in their air-conditioned vehicle. After grabbing a quick lunch, they returned to their Escalade to find the passenger side window smashed and their beloved Yorkie-Chihuahua mix nowhere to be found, according to a report in PeoplePets.com.

The couple called the police, who showed up immediately. Fingerprints could not be taken due to short staffing. Brown and her boyfriend did not waste time and decided they needed to take matters into their own hands and offer a $10,000 reward. Between Brown, Chris, and friends, the hefty reward was made possible.

“Within an hour to 45 minutes of her being gone, we had over 500 fliers up and on every single car at the Elephant Bar,” Brown says. “By the next afternoon, Channel 5 was good enough to come out and put the story on.”

The reward caused many bogus phone calls. But Monday morning gave Brown and her boyfriend hope. A person whom they believe to be the thief called and sent a photo of Lexi dressed in a jean jacket. “I said, ‘Oh my God, it’s her!’” Brown recalls.

Chris insisted on meeting the thief alone at a Petco in Alameda. “They gave him the dog, he gave them the $10,000, and nothing was said. That was it,” said Brown.

Lexi is home with her guardian and will not be left alone ever again. Brown guarantees that her 3-pound pooch will not be out of her sight again. “She’s in my arms, and she’s going to be in my arms from now on,” Brown says. —Jillian Wolande

Do Charity at No Cost

In Animal News on June 23, 2009 at 6:14 pm

Do Great Good makes money when you search the web through DoGreatGood.com. Half the money is donated to charity. So do some good and search through Do Great Good.

Do Great Good’s mission supports causes you care about. Just by searching the web on Do Great Good, you are making the world a better place.

—Jillian Wolande

Fleas, Ticks and… Bacterial Disease? Oh My!

In Health and Safety on June 22, 2009 at 7:36 pm

If just the thought of ticks and fleas on Fido or FiFi makes you shudder, gear up for something else that’ll have even you scratching—or worse.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)—while it’s usually transmitted through person-to-person contact as bacteria living on the skin—may find its next host on your pet. This “super bug,” as it’s called, can cause minor skin infections if the bacterium is exposed to an open wound or infection if exposed to the bloodstream.

Constantly adapting bacteria, MSRA has become immune to antibiotics and drugs. So, it can be very dangerous to cats and dogs as well as their guardians. It can be transferred between pets through scratches or bites but can just as easily travel between pets and their humans.

In loving your pets, be sure to take care of their fur—and what’s underneath it—while taking care of your body, too. Also keep up with regular vet visits to detect any problems early.

To read more about household pets and MSRA, click here. —Morgan McMillan

VPI’s 10 Wackiest Pet Names

In Just for Fun on June 18, 2009 at 9:53 pm

Naming their pets is a rough hoop to jump for a lot of animal guardians. Where do you start? Name them based on personality, looks, size? Well, the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (VPI) released the Top 10 Most Unusual Dog and Cat Names for 2009—the second year they’ve voted. For dogs, you can’t get much cuter than Bam-Bam Noodle Butt or Inspector Foo Foo (numbers 6 and 10 on the list) or more original than Angus Sir Loin (number 5).

And for cats—or any animal, for that matter—classic spins on celebrity names like Velvet Elvis or Eartha Kitty, which came in second and third, could be a great four-legged conversation starter.

So, next time you’re thinking of naming your pet something like I Am Sparticus or Polly Prissypants, well, why bother to think again? You might make the next wackiest pet names list.

To paw over some info on how the pets got their names, and to check out the rest of the list, click here. —Morgan McMillan

Pet Pic of the Day

In Pet Pic of the Day on June 18, 2009 at 9:41 pm

Picture 1

“Shake it up” by flickr user LogansHeros.

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