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In Help the Animals on April 15, 2009 at 4:50 pm


An uplifting video called “SMILE” has reached viral levels on the Internet. The makers of the eco-friendly “I’m Tired of Animal Cruelty” bracelet created this collection of animal “smiles” set to music. The organization behind the bracelet, “I’m Tired of” (ITo), raises money for animal rights and rescue charities.

Dan Hoffman and his sister, Carrie Pollare, founded ITo to raise money for twelve different causes, including animal cruelty, breast cancer, world hunger, global warming, and others. The bracelets are made from recycled tires and metal and sold for $10. In turn, ITo donates half of the sales to their charitable partners.

ITo developed the “SMILE” video with its charity beneficiary for the “I’m Tired of Animal Cruelty” bracelets, Best Friends Animal Society. Hoffman says, “We had a lot of fun creating this piece, because you can’t help smiling yourself when you see it, but we never expected it to have this kind of reach.” The concept of the video aims to bring attention to the abuse and neglect of animals in a positive way—through smiles. The response has been incredible.

ITo also offers an alternative program for smaller rescue organizations to buy the bracelets for $5 apiece and keep the additional $5. Later this month, ITo will be introducing “I’m Tired of Animal Cruelty” t-shirts.

For more information, or to purchase the bracelet, visit ImTiredOnline.com. To watch the “SMILE” video, go to ImTiredOnline.com/smile/. —Christina Cottini


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