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HSUS files class action lawsuit against Petland

In Animal News, Help the Animals on March 17, 2009 at 7:41 pm

The Humane Society of the United States and Petland meet again, this time it is in court. HSUS along with other consumers have filed a class action lawsuit against Petland and Hunte Corp. alleging that they conspire to sell puppy mill puppies who are unhealthy and require medical attention.

According to an HSUS press release, “Petland is the nation’s largest chain of pet stores that sells puppy mill dogs and Hunte is one of the country’s largest distributors of factory-produced puppies.”

The lawsuit clams that the two companies, Petland and Hunte, violated federal law as well as consumer protection laws on the state level. Petland allegedly misled numerous customers about where the puppies they purchase came from. While Petland tells customers their puppies come from high-quality and respected breeders, many come from puppy brokers, like Hunte. Hunte acts as a middleman between puppy mills and Petland.

HSUS says, “The class action lawsuit is the result of many months of investigative and legal research, and comes after an eight-month investigation into Petland stores by The HSUS that demonstrated a direct link between multiple Petland stores and unscrupulous puppy mills. Numerous other reports have also surfaced of Petland’s allegedly deceptive sales practices, including the marketing and sale of puppies with life-threatening genetic defects and highly contagious parasitic and viral infections.”

To learn more about puppy mills, visit StopPuppyMills.org

Amanda Degard

  1. I bought a teacup Chihuahua from Petland Niles, IL just over 2 years ago, although my dog is fine what are the chances he was from a puppy mill? Also, would I be eligible for the class action lawsuit against Petland? Anybody?

  2. Hi Robert.

    You can read the complaint (which includes the contact information for the lawyers) at this website: http://stoppuppymills.org/petland.html

    Just scroll down a bit.

  3. Robert,

    You can find out information on your dog’s breeder by going to http://www.petshoppuppies.org and filling out a free puppy report.

    Your puppy was bred by a USDA licensed breeder or what I call a commercial breeder, someone who is only interested in making money from breeding dogs with no health testing and little human contact. The parents of your dog were not raised in a house and were kept in a barn and/or trailer/kennel type building away from the house, usually in wire crates.

    Anyone who sells a puppy to a petstore and has 3 or more breeding females and makes so much money has to be USDA licensed. A breeder sells the puppy to a broker, also USDA licensed, who then sells it to a petstore, although a broker can also be a breeder. The largest broker is Hunte Corp. This is the law! The USDA sets the standards which are minimal for dog breeding.

    There are also dog auctions, usually in MO and OK, held every week from late August to early December and from early February to early June. The dogs that are sold are breeding dogs that are used up, breeds that are no longer profitable to the breeder, unsold older pups and older pups that were rejected by the broker for the petstore. One must be USDA licensed to sell dogs at an auction and the auctioneer must be USDA licensed.

    All you need to do is research any of these topics and you will find out where petstore pups come from. A good website is http://www.nopuppymills.com where one can find the most recent dog auctions and the lists of dogs that are being sold.

  4. Check out http://www.petshoppuppies.org. You can request a free report to find out if your dog came from a puppy mill.

  5. Thank all of you for the Great information. I will do my research.

  6. My boyfriend and I purchased a chiwennie (Chihuahua & dachshund mix) from Petland, Chapel Hill in Ohio. We had Louie for approx. 6 months and he was a great little guy. We had to pay $800 for him but he was worth it! Then on July 1st 2008, he was 7 months old, we took him in to get fixed. When he was given the anesthesia though he stopped breathing and then soon after his little heart stopped. The Vet and his team tried to revive him for 45 minutes but we had lost him. We were heart broken and confused how a 7 month old puppy just dies like that. We had an autopsy done on him to find out what killed him and we received horrible news…it wasn’t the anesthesia but his heart and lungs. His heart was defected and weak, and his lungs were filled with scare tissue. The scare tissue was most likely from a sickness that he had before we received him and it was not treated! It has been 8 months now and we are still sad about our Louie, he was like our child. When we contacted Petland we were told we could pick out a new puppy. We found a dachshund this time and took him home. He was every quit but figured he was just scared. We got him to play a little bit and then he seemed very sort of breath after just a few minutes. We gave him some water and then he started to choke. We laid down with him for approx. 45 minutes but he never could catch his breath. So we rushed him to the vet and they did an x-ray and discovered that he had the same problem as Louie did. So we took this new little puppy back to Petland for fear that we would get attached and that he would die on us again. At this point Petland said that we couldn’t get our money back and that it was basically our fault for getting the dogs sick. And they wouldn’t reimburse us for the vet bills we spent on the new little guy. Between the two dogs and vet bills we paid close to $2000. We would love to see Petland pay for the pain they have caused us and so many others and especially the poor helpless animals! If there is any information on how to get involved in the class action suit I would love to know. They need to pay for what they have done!

  7. We bought a English Bulldog from Petland in Lutz Fl. in Jan. 17th 2009. We took her to the vet on Jan.19th 2009 because she was sick, she is still sick to this day and it’s April 16th 2009. We have been to the vet 11 times for check ups, treatments and more meds. We have been to Petland 12 times for breathing treatments. Bella has had Kennel Cough, Guardia, is now being treated for to many bad bacterias in her blood with 6 weeks meds 3 times a day and know has mange that is hereditary is on another med. once a day and has to get medicated baths every two weeks a total of six baths over a 12 week period. I hope Fl. gets in on the class action lawsuit. Please let me know if anything can be done. Thanks Peggy Vizzari

  8. Does any one know why the Petland in Wesley Chapel Fl is not open for business. We went by there to go to another store. Petland’s windows are papered over and a sign is posted “closed to public until further notice” I am so against what they stand for. When I saw the store closed I was happy, no mill puppies being sold today. The stories I have read and heard about how they treat animals, the sickly puppies and animals they mistreat. One story about a northern Petland is so upsetting about puppies slammed against walls, sick puppies left in the back out of view without treatment, left to die. What happens to the animals when a store closes…do they go back to the mill only to be sold again? How is this regulated?

  9. I don’t understand why people continue to buy from these pet stores. It does not cost any more to buy from a good breeder, and it costs a lot less is heartbreak and vet bills.

  10. We bought a Australian Shepherd from Petland Wesley Chapel FL and we is a perfect dog, no problems. Sorry to see them closed. Vicki and Joe were great!

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