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Don’t leave any PooPrints!

In Just for Fun on February 27, 2009 at 4:23 pm
The best way to avoid a fine or DNA test is to clean up after your dog!

The best way to avoid a fine or DNA test is to clean up after your dog!

Once when I was walking down the sidewalk after work, I saw a massive mound of dog doo-doo, right in the middle of my path. Apparently I wasn’t the only pedestrian annoyed by the roadblock, because someone had taken the time to write a little sign and tape it next to the pile. “This is disgusting!” The sign read. “Nobody wants to smell and look at this! Clean up after your dog!” I chuckled and wished I had my camera on me.

Now, thanks to Tennessee-based company BioPet Vet Lab, dogs and their guardians may not be able to get away with a poo-and-run.

The company has developed a DNA-based system that can determine the dog responsible for the poop.  The system, called PooPrints, requires saliva samples from every dog in a participating area in order to register their DNA in a central database. In other words, if the culprit is an outsider who isn’t in the system, the test won’t work. Dog droppings can be mailed to BioPet where technicians will match the DNA to reveal the offender. There’s a $29.95 fee for a pet to be enrolled in the DNA system, then it’s $49.95 per poop test.

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