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Arrow strikes cat

In Animal News on February 18, 2009 at 6:00 pm

A cat from St. Augustine, Florida is recovering after being shot by an arrow on Valentine’s Day. Isabella, the 4-year-old tabby cat, meowed in agony until her caretakers found her on their front porch. Dana Usina, Isabella’s pet parent, said she thought Isabella was lying on the arrow. “It was unreal to see your cat shish kabobbed on your front porch,” she said.

The Usinas and a police officer clipped the end of the arrow and removed it from her leg. Once the arrow was removed Isabella got up, and has no trouble walking. The Usinas believe that the arrow hit no arteries or muscles.

No arrests has been made in this animal abuse case. The Usinas gave a description to the police of the possible getaway car.
Amanda Degard


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