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Skinny hedgehogs sport some bling

In Animal News on February 17, 2009 at 10:36 pm

Have you ever been so hungry that you’ve wakened from what’s supposed to be a six-month-long nap only to find yourself wearing lettered jewelry? No? Then it’s obviously not an English hedgehog I’m blogging to. The adorable spikily spined mammals—who pervade English gardens as welcome consumers of slugs and other pests—normally hibernate from October through March. But when fierce hunger strikes, they wake up in an alarmingly sinewy state and can be seen staggering around gardens.

Which is where the jewelry comes in. Concerned gardeners from across the pond have flooded Secret World, a Somerset wildlife rehabilitation center, with so many prickly abbreviated nappers that it has resorted to adorning the unnaturally trim hedgehogs with lettered beads to distinguish them. The center is currently working to put the pudge on more than 100 hedgehogs.


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