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Vicktory for Halle

In Animal News, Happy Tails on February 16, 2009 at 8:37 pm


After a long recovery period, 1 of the 47 pit bulls Micheal Vick used for dogfighting is on her way to a better life.

Halle and 21 of her other dogfighting brothers and sisters have been at the Best Friends Sanctuary at Angel Canyon. There the dogs received special care and have taken major steps toward recovery.

They refer to the dogs as the Vicktory dogs, and Halle’s story is a victory for her and her new family. Traci, Halle’s current foster mother, heard about the Vicktory Dogs and she thought they deserved better and wanted to help. After talking to Best Friends she was informed that the application process for one of the ex-dogfighting dogs was lengthy, and might not even be possible depending on the progress the dogs were making at the sanctuary.
When Best Friends got another Pit Bull puppy they immediately thought of Traci. Tacoma and Traci hit it off and Traci took Tacoma home, but she still wanted to be considered for one of the Vicktory dogs. After Traci completed the lengthy adoption process Traci was approved to adopt one of the Vicktory dogs. When it came to deciding which dog she had one request, “Pick the dog you think will get along best with Tacoma.”

Halle and Tacoma are now inseparable. Traci will foster Halle for six months and if everything works out Halle will stay with Tacoma and Traci in her new forever home. –Amanda Degard

Photo courtesy Best Friends Animal Society


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