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Buck is Back

In Animal News on February 9, 2009 at 7:39 pm

A missing dog has returned home to Washington after six months in Montana.

Last August, the Halter family of Bonney Lake, WA took a family trip with their 7-year-old Golden Retriever Buck. When they stopped at a rest stop in Chester, MT, the unleashed pooch was frightened by a train whistle and took off running, disappearing before the family knew he was gone. After two days of unsuccessful searching, the Halters posted signs up around town and headed home.

The Halters returned to Washington and resumed their lives missing a family member, Buck. Montana had a cold winter. Temperatures fell to 20 below zero some days, and they thought of Buck and wondered if he had survived the chilling winter. When the weather reports told of freezing temperatures, Kim Halter could not hold back her emotions and cried.

On Jan. 25, Jackson Wanken, who lives north of Chester, saw a stray dog on his farm underneath a collapsed building. Later that week Wanken fed the dog some food and lured him into a kennel. Wanken’s mother remembered hearing about the missing dog and told Wanken to call him Buck to see how he responded.

The Halters were contacted, and after phone and email exchanges to confirm Buck’s identity, they were off on a 750-mile trip to pick him up. Halter tells the Associated Press, “I tell ya one thing, he hasn’t stopped smiling since he got home and neither have we.”
Amanda Degard


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