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Reader’s Tail: Big help from a big dog

In Readers Tails on February 6, 2009 at 8:17 pm
Kirby, the 156-pound puppy

Kirby, the 156-pound puppy

Pets help us out in all kinds of ways—from making us feel better when we’re sad, to sometimes aiding in life-threatening situations. Teresa Milewski’s 156-pound Mastiff, Kirby, gave her a hand when she needed it most last month.

Milewski of Batavia, Ill. slipped and fell on the ice while walking in the park by her home. Her daughter was in the house and Kirby was outside. Milewski screamed for help, but no one could hear her. She said her pain was so bad she could barely move. She called to Kirby, who came to her aid. Milewski was able to get up by hanging on to Kirby’s neck and collar. Kirby stayed by her the whole time and helped her up a second time.

“”I was at the farthest point on the trail and it seemed like an eternity, but once we got back, my daughter rushed me to the emergency room,” Milewski told The Daily Herald. She fractured her arm in the incident, but could have been worse off if it weren’t for Kirby. Kirby is a 20-month-old puppy and won’t be full grown until she’s 4 years old, according to Milewski.

Kirby's size from another perspective

Kirby's size from another perspective


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