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Lancelot the sequel

In Animal News, PUPPIES! on January 28, 2009 at 8:32 pm


What would you do if had an extra $155,000 lying around? Nina and Ed Otto of Boca Raton, Fla, decided to clone their dog. Their yellow lab, Lancelot, died of cancer at age 11. They had the dog’s DNA frozen, then hired a California-based company to clone their beloved pet. The actual genetic engineering took place in South Korea.

The new puppy, named Lancelot Encore, flew first class back to Miami, where his new family was waiting for him. They say he is the spitting image of Lancelot and hope he will have the same personality and intelligence, but “won’t love him any less” if he doesn’t.

You can watch a video of the Ottos and Lancelot Encore here.

This isn’t the first case of dog cloning. South Korea cloned sniffer dogs and even had an online auction to clone your dog. The first commercial dog cloning occurred last August.

What do you think of dog cloning? Would you ever consider it?

  1. I had a great dog when I was a child. He was a mutt that we found on the streets. He was loving and protective and a great family dog. When he died, the technology for cloning was not available (and I didn’t have an extra $155,000 laying around anyway).

    If I had “cloned” Prince, I never would have adopted Sam, who is a wonderful family dog that is caring and devoted and protective. So while I might have a “perfect” dog, because I’d cloned a “perfect” dog, I would have missed out on the opportunity to be a guardian for another perfect dog.

    How many “perfect” companion animals could a shelter or rescue organization save for $155,000??

  2. If you read the article from MSNBC Mr. Otto states that they have given much more money to the humane society than what this project cost them, yet you are so quick to judge. I am tired of our society trying to judge those that are blessed or have worked hard enough to have the resources to make such choices. The irresponsible people are the ones that did not take care of all the discarded animals, let us not forget.

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