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The Pit Bull pounces on beluga protection

In Animal News on January 15, 2009 at 6:05 pm

OK. I’m going to make this short, albeit hardly sweet, because this is just too upsetting to contemplate for any longer than necessary. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has announced that the state of Alaska is filing a lawsuit against the Endangered Species Act’s protection of the Cook Inlet beluga whale. The rare white whale’s population is just holding on at a frighteningly vulnerable 375. Extinction is all but certain if Palin’s suit is successful. In August 2008, the governor sued to slash protections on behalf of endangered polar bears to ease conditions for big oil companies in the Arctic. The Center for Biological Diversity is contesting both suits.

Now onto pleasanter topics … the weather, for instance. It’s a sunny -5 in Chicago. I should have quit while I was even, perhaps, if not ahead. 

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