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Legislative Alert: Taking pets to the grave

In Uncategorized on January 14, 2009 at 10:28 pm

For some people, nothing can break the bond they have with their pets, not even death. The latest proposed pet bill to come out of Washington state might make it possible for pets to be buried with their people. Seattle Democrat Sen. Ken Jacobsen, known for off-beat legislation, proposed Senate Bill 5063 to prevent cemeteries from rejecting animal remains and allow commingling of human and animal remains.

The bill was inspired by the death of Jacobsen’s beloved 23-pound cat, Sam, who died several years ago. State law prohibits animals from being buried in human cemeteries, but people can have their remains interred in pet cemeteries. Burial with animals goes back thousands of years. In 2007, Chinese archaeologists unearthed skeletons of six animals buried alongside a man. A cat, dog, sheep, pig, buffalo and deer were buried alive more than 1,700 years ago to keep the man company in his tomb.

Opponents of Jacobsen’s bill feel that burial with pets diminishes the dignity of human remains.


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