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Dogs eat the darndest things

In Animal News, Just for Fun on January 12, 2009 at 9:40 pm
Lulu, the Bulldog who gorges on pacifiers

Lulu, the Bulldog who gorges on pacifiers

Lulu the English Bulldog of Warson Woods, MO, is a prime example.

Lulu’s guardian, Jennifer Zwart, started noticing her daughter’s pacifiers were going missing. Zwart assumed she had just misplaced them, until one day she noticed Lulu licking a dropped pacifier. When Zwart turned around, the pacifier was gone.

After an unclear X-ray at the vet’s office, Lulu had to have surgery. That was when they began the “binky count,” as they pulled out pacifier after pacifier from Lulu’s stomach.

Over the course of six months, Lulu had swallowed 15 pacifiers, a bottle cap, and a basketball piece. And lived to bark about it.

“The technicians asked if they could take pictures with their camera phones,” Zwart says. “We were all shocked, especially since Lulu never had any symptoms and I had no idea all of those pacifiers had gone missing. Fortunately, Lulu handled the surgery very well, and now that we are aware of her appetite for pacifiers, we make sure they’re never left lying around.”

Lulu’s claim was the most unusual claim submitted to Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) in December, so she will be placed in the running for the company’s first Hambone Award. Each month VPI employees will nominate the most interesting claim of the month. Then come July 2009, the public will vote on the most unusual claim of the year.

  1. This is an interesting case of PICA. I found a similar article on http://www.englishbulldogpuppyblog.com about Lulu and her pet insurance. Thanks for this post!

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