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Biden puppy update

In Animal News, PUPPIES! on December 16, 2008 at 4:35 pm


A few days ago we posted about Biden purchasing a puppy from what we hoped was a reputable breeder.

According to an article on Philly.com, the owner of the kennel in Chester County where he purchased the puppy was issued citations by the state Department of Agriculture.

According to the inspection report, Linda Brown, owner of Wolf Den kennel, was cited for “failing to provide records for dogs purchased or sold and failing to produce complete rabies vaccination records for her adult dogs.”

Dog wardens also issued warnings for maintenance and sanitation and will conduct a follow-up inspection.

Just another reason to ADOPT instead of shop!

  1. I agree! All my animals are found or from the humane society!

  2. So, lets see if Obama will keep HIS promise to adopt from a shelter (and set a good example like Biden has failed to do).. seeing that he has allergy restrictions on what kind of dog he gets it may be a pipe dream that another dog is spared death so that a human’s wish is fulfilled. Lets hope I am very wrong!

  3. Some posters have used this story and the sites it is posted for personal vendettas. btw, Good for the Biden Grandkids! “Champ” is a most perfect name for Biden’s puppy, and many of us know Joe Biden’s story and the strength he derived from this nickname given by his dad. I remember well the shock I felt from attack comments when Joe first got his puppy. Aside from the knee-jerk comments, it was quickly forgotten all of the exceptional animal and human advocacy Joe Biden is involved with and has supported throughout his life and career (yes, from adopting shelter animals to vigorously advocating for children, women, and victims of atrocities in Darfur…one of the few politicians who actually visited the country to make a difference.) His gift from Jill, who promised him a puppy should he and Obama win election, is all the more wonderful as this was all Joe Biden asked for… especially for someone who has unselfishly served others as his life’s work. Champ will be a great comfort in many ways to our next vice president. I say good for both Champs. It had been a great story…an all too brief respite from the daily news of war, economic downturn, environmental disasters, and all strife. Sad.

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