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With dreams of sugarplums and puppies in their heads

In PUPPIES! on December 11, 2008 at 5:20 pm

Everyone in the world knows that Sasha and Malia Obama are getting a puppy, if not for Christmas, for soon after. Everyone now also knows that the puppy will come from a shelter and not from Santa’s (or a breeder’s) sleigh. If my soothsaying skills are up to snuff, however, I’m predicting that many other less famous children actually will unleash a bona fide puppy on Christmas morning, courtesy of a local breeder or pet store. That’s just a guess, but it’s probably a good, though a sad one.

Far be it from me to burst any childhood dreams of sugarplums and puppy dog tails. The wish for a puppy under the tree is as natural and wholesome as the jolly, obese man himself, gifted with a mythical power to fulfill that and any other wish involving material possessions. Santa, however mythical, is only as financially capable—and humanely conscientious—as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, otherwise known as mom and dad.

Fond of Santa as I am, I for one think that Mr. and Mrs. Smith and all the other Santa standbys owe it to Santa’s reputation, if nothing else, not to buy their precious darlings an equally precious pooch. Instead, it is my Christmas wish that all children with a puppy on their Christmas lists get the presidential treatment—or the presidential daughter treatment, to be precise. Maybe there won’t be a puppy with a price tag under the tree, but there will be one less in a shelter. 

  1. Food bowls, leashes, and dog treats. I’m sure most kids could figure it out from there “and tomorrow we’re all going to the shelter to meet some dogs and see which puppy picks us out”

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