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Exoskeletons go canine

In Animal News on December 11, 2008 at 7:34 pm

Exoskeletons are no longer the sole domain of arthropods. Thanks to students in a Purdue University mechanical engineering class, dogs with hip dysplasia are reaping the benefits of a device taken straight out of nature’s playbook. With the condition, a dog’s leg and hipbones fail to meet properly, causing lameness and painful arthritis. The artificial exoskeleton functions as an added joint outside the body that relieves the weakened hip.

John Nolfi’s students’ carbon composite brace conforms to a dog’s body shape. It can improve mobility by as much as 55 percent. Veterinary surgeon Gert Breuer says that, while the device is in the early stages of testing, with further successful tests it may become marketable.

  1. …wow, this is a wonderful advancement in technology for animals – probably a bit more comfortable and also allowing more exercise to the injured joint…thank you for the post…

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