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Petland fights back

In Animal News on December 9, 2008 at 7:45 pm

Petland, Inc. is trying to salvage its reputation in the face of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)’ allegations that the pet store chain collects its puppies directly from puppy mills. On its website, Petland.com, the Ohio-based company refutes the charges while claiming that images and footage used by the HSUS were taken from unrelated HSUS stories. In a news release issued Nov. 24, Petland stated that it is “outraged” that the HSUS would “intentionally use video footage of unrelated kennels in the report” to mar the franchise’s reputation.

The HSUS is not backing down from its charges, however, and is conducting an ongoing investigation of 21 Petland stores across the country.

  1. The Petland store I purchased my IG from lied to me and with held information. It was clear the puppy was going to need much medical attention but to return him would mean certain death. The store is “in bed” with their required vet. so I took him to my own. He was infested with Giardia and had a small chance to survive pnuemonia. I hate that store and reported it to local authorities who cited the store on several offenses. When I finally did get a paper trail on the puppy, it was clear he came from a puppy mill in Missouri. I’m not done with this but my puppy has grown into a wonderful loving companion and seems healthy to this date. I’m still paying off the debt from his vet. bill. I can’t believe the vet. that Petland recommended would ignor such a mess. The puppies walk around in their own feces so I know there must have been others that were infected with Giardia. Let one of them lick the face of a child and think how sweet when that child gets sick from the parasite. It comes from contaminated water and is very painful and hard to get rid of.

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