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Company donates toys to African Wild Dogs at zoo

In Animal News, Just for Fun on December 2, 2008 at 7:46 pm


Life just got a little better for the African Wild Dogs at the Kansas City Zoo. The dogs are extremely rare and endangered carnivores with as few as 3,000 to 5,000 existing in the wild. They have incredibly strong and powerful jaws to help them take down large prey, but also make it difficult to find a chew toy they will not destroy or ingest. My Good Dog, a division of Quabaug Corporation, donated Vibram balls, a durable natural rubber toy, to the zoo.
“The Vibram Balls have made a significant impact on our enrichment program for these dogs,” says Kansas City Zoo keeper Linda Long.

Click here to purchase a Vibram ball for your own “wild” dog.

Check out this link for an African Wild Dog fact sheet.

  1. Good Day🐾

    I have a 501c3 dog rescue in Greenfield
    Massachusetts that was opened to help
    The senior Citizens of Mass keep their
    Beloved dogs till they can no longer
    Care for them. ( do to hospice or going
    Into nursing homes.. illness or passing
    Away) Our rescue New 2U Dog Rescue
    Dogs would love to receive a sample
    Of your dog toys to help keep our
    Dogs busy.. And I saw how you donate
    To African Hyena’s who have strong jaws.
    We currently have 6 dogs.. Three of the
    6 dogs were from a hoarder who had Portuguese Pondengo dogs
    Kept in rabbit hutches. And were Never
    Touched or cared for like a Domestic
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    would Love to gnaw
    On your Tough dog toys.. If you would
    Be willing to donate to our Rescue.

    Thank You for considering our Rescue,
    Dawn-Marie Conway

    New 2U Dog Rescue

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