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In Just for Fun on November 20, 2008 at 4:11 pm

I used to have a pet rat, Max. He was a great little guy, a grey and white fancy rat with a love for kisses (both giving and receiving) and peas. Unfortunately, Max is no longer with us and I am too allergic to rodents to adopt another long-tailed friend. But, if I were able to get one, I’d want one of these:


I introduce to you the African giant pouched rat. These adorable guys can live up to 7 years and weigh around 3.5-4 pounds…of solid muscle (according to the Rat and Mouse Club of America). They are currently being bred and trained in Africa to sniff out landmines (visit herorat.org for more information). OK, so they aren’t really meant to be pets, as they are not domesticated like their Max-like cousins, but the idea of having a 2 foot-long rat snorgle in my lap makes me giddy with joy. Properly bred (and rescued!) rats make fabulous pets. Never underestimate the power of rat-love. —Jill Brodsky

Image courtesy of thepetshrink.info

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