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A Thanksgiving Warning

In Health and Safety on November 18, 2008 at 8:17 pm

My two Miniature Dachshunds (better known in our house as mini weenies or teeny weenies) are quite the beggars. If a human has food, Bill and Bailey should have some, too. Dogs are royalty, after all. Bill loves peanut butter, cheese, and almonds. Bailey will tremble for peanut butter, cheese, and Cheerios.

Bailey is pretty good about self-regulating her food intake. If she’s not hungry, she won’t eat. Unless you have peanut butter, cheese, or Cheerios, she may not even beg for your food. She’s dainty and eats slowly, piece by piece. Her little mouth can only handle so much scrumptiousness at one time.

Bill is an obnoxious beggar. He’ll jump, scratch, and talk. Bill loves food. Bill snarfs his treats after barely chewing them. This inhalation process contributes to foul smelling problems—we’ll just say his rear end is a bit out of tune. Then there are the “pukies” every once in awhile.

At least neither of them will eat what they don’t like.

You probably wonder why I’m indulging you in the wonders of my precious pooches’ digestive activities. Well, in light of my family’s love for slipping table scraps to the faces with eyes-bigger-than-the-head-oh-so-cute! and the approach of the table-scrap holiday, I find it only fit to extend the warning to all families with food-loving animals.

Do not feed the animals.

Nursing your own overstuffed, stretched out belly will be enough for one night, the last thing you’ll need to do is nurse a heaving hound as well. Let the dog nurse you back to health (or cat, or guinea pig, or whatever pet with which you live…).

Not to mention, there are herbs and spices used in our Thanksgiving cooking that are not approved for pet consumption (according to the ASPCA, sage can upset a dog’s stomach and mess with its nervous system).

I’m thinking of sticking notes on the backs of the weenies reading “Do Not Feed Me, My Slobber is Toxic”.

So, proceed with caution and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Jill Brodsky


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