Tails magazine presents...

Shrinking Samson

In Animal News on November 7, 2008 at 7:03 pm

Britain’s largest dog has to go on a diet. He’s not obese, he’s just…huge. Standing on his hind legs, Samson stands 6’5”. He weighs about 276lbs. He’s still growing.

The problem is that Samson, a Great Dane/ Newfoundland mix, has injured a ligament in one of his legs and needs surgery, but must lose twenty pounds in order to recover from the surgery properly. If he doesn’t have the surgery in time, he may never walk again. If he has the surgery without losing the weight, he may never walk again. If he never walks again, he may have to be put down.

As frightening as Samson may be on first encounter, his guardians ensure everyone that he is friendly and gentle. His bark is much worse than his bite.

So, Samson is undergoing a diet regime and therapy to shed the pounds so he and his family can have a long, healthy, happy life together. To Samson! —Jill Brodsky


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