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Spoiled little beasties

In Just for Fun on September 18, 2008 at 5:41 pm

My family always swore we’d never be the type to dress our pets and do all the frilly stuff some pet guardians do. Then we adopted two miniature Dachshunds.

We had an excuse of course—Bill and Bailey are low to the ground and have bare bellies thus needing sweaters for the winter. They actually do go outside with less of a fuss when clothed against the elements than when “nakie.”

But then Halloween rolled around. They are the perfect size to dress up. We had to do it. We only dress them up on Halloween. I promise.

Then none of the standard harnesses from the pet stores fit their awkward shaped bodies. We invested in the pricey harnesses from the pet boutique—the cool looking ones that make them look like little lifeguards. Two water-phobic weenies waddling around the house ready to save the world! Hey, they needed them for the good of their own backs.

And then they both had back surgery within weeks of each other. Not being able to go for walks, they suffered cabin fever and became little indoor maniacs. I did the unthinkable. I went online and bought a stroller.

I crossed over the edge.

Yes, they got their fresh air and settled down. Yes, they didn’t overwork their backs by taking long walks. Yes, they loved it.

I only intended it to be used during their recovery period. We wouldn’t need it after that.

Bill and Bailey beg to go for stroller rides. Sometimes I think I’ll never get them out of the garage because they’re standing next to the stroller, intent on getting that ride. Their big buggy eyes plead for those few minutes of joy that I’m being so mean and keeping from them.

They are spoiled little beasties.

They roll in smelly things, clean each other’s ears, chew on bugs, play tug-o-toy, and ride…in…a…stroller. What have I done?

Jill Brodsky

  1. Okay – here’s the deal. You went out and bought a stroller for your dogs, it was a good idea at the time and it filled a need for them.

    NOW, you’ve already spent the money and you have the stroller sitting in your garage and it would be a waste I tell you, an absolute waste to leave it in the garage and not use it. So basically every time you take Bill and/or Bailey for a ride, you are reducing the overall “cost per use” of the stroller, thus making it a more worthwhile investment.

    If that sounds good, you can say that that is your story and you’re sticking to it.

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