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ASPCA announces “Wedding Pages”

In Help the Animals, Just for Fun on September 18, 2008 at 8:05 pm

Are you engaged? Are you nearly there? Well, guess what? The ASPCA wants to be a part of your big day!

My initial reaction to the ASPCA’s new “Wedding Pages” and different wedding ideas that benefit the organization was more of “How long were they sitting there before they thought of this?” than “Wow! Awesome idea!” But it’s grown on me…

The goodies:
*Donations as wedding gifts via the website. Yea, starting couples usually need some extra help in the financial field, but those homeless and injured furkids need it, too.

*Instead of buying wedding favors, donate X amount of money and get ASPCA place cards for your reception.

*Set up an ASPCA wedding page where your friends and loved ones can drop by and donate to the cause (the furkid cause, that is…) The ASPCA folks have even created a thank-you email for us lazy people to send when gifts are sent through the website so we don’t have to get creative and think up a thank-you of our own. (Don’t worry, there’s more than just donating on the webpages. You can go to the Society’s site to browse through exciting pages to see.)

So, is your wedding going to be an ASPCA wedding?
Jill Brodsky


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