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Quack attack

In Just for Fun on September 12, 2008 at 6:34 pm

For a few months now I’ve been saying that I’m going to get a pet duck. Not now, of course, but sometime in the future. When I live in a house with a big backyard. When I know a thing or two about ducks. I even thought of a name if it ends up being a young boy without a name already—Gregory Peck. Yes, I was proud of myself for that one.

Why a duck, you ask? Because I read Enslaved by Ducks, a pet memoir by Bob Tarte. It doesn’t just deal with ducks; there are turkeys, geese, bunnies, cats, parrots, and some other birds, too.

I thought about a goose, but I really want a duck.

I don’t know a thing about ducks.

Even though it will be years before I can actually give a needy duck a proper home, I thought I’d start my research. Did you know you could adopt ducks and geese through Petfinder.org? Now you do. There are even web pages on how to raise ducks as pets. Single web pages on the topic. I don’t even trust a single web page to give me the correct address to a particular location.

I temporarily wanted a pet pig after reading Sy Montgomery’s The Good Good Pig. Then I realized that a 750-lb animal probably wasn’t the smartest choice in pet. Ducks are much smaller.

And so I sit here and wait for the day in which I can finally adopt my sweet little quacker and find out the realities of duck motherhood. In the meantime, I’ll limit my pet memoir intake to dog books—I already have two. —Jill Brodsky


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