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Greatest American Dog–Episode 9

In Greatest American Dog on September 4, 2008 at 7:51 pm
Remember when there were 12?

Remember when there were 12?

Now that all my favorites are gone, I was worried about how the show would go. Maybe I’m just a junkie for bad reality shows, but I still found it enjoyable.

This week’s theme was loyalty and Laurie and Andrew had it in the bag. The first challenge was the type of challenge all reality shows use during the final episodes—who can stay on the log the longest. While Survivor contestants stay on for hours, dogs have a little bit shorter attention span than castaways. And like on Survivor, the final contestants Theresa and Travis tried to make a deal. Travis was throwing out all these offers and Theresa didn’t even look at him. Travis ended up calling it quits because he could tell Presley didn’t like standing there. Theresa won the dog bone suite and leg up all for herself. Too bad it didn’t help much…

Since the final episode is coming up next week, I started thinking about who I thought would win vs who is the greatest American dog. I believe JD and Galaxy are going to come out on top with Laurie and Andrew in a close second. But I believe Presley is the greatest American dog of the three left. While Travis works hard to train Presley, he also lets him be a dog. JD has Galaxy so well trained she’s like a robot. And Andrew is like a little loyal subject of Laurie’s. Both these dogs are built to win challenges, but they don’t have the rambunctious, fun personality that Presley does. It was really interesting to see all the contestants interacting with each other’s dogs. Leroy, Presley and even Galaxy played well with others, but Andrew was a different story. The whole time he either stared at the door or wandered away in search of Laurie. No toy, treat or command could distract him from finding her. As Travis said, “That doesn’t seem normal…” It worked well in the challenge though, Andrew and Laurie performed flawlessly. Sometimes I wish I could make my dog as well trained as Andrew, but other times I love the spontaneity that comes with dogs.

Next week is the big finale. Who do you think walk away with the $250,000 prize ($100,000something after taxes…)?

  1. My guess is that it will be Galaxy, but I think you’re right: Presley is a wonderful dog and I’m still pulling for him…really liked Leroy though…

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