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Relief efforts underway for pets affected by Gustav

In Animal News, Help the Animals on September 2, 2008 at 5:36 pm

The ASPCA and HSUS have brought good news to the animal world during hurricane Gustav. While working together with several other organizations, they checked in more than 800 pets pre-hurricane into a mega shelter while their guardians evacuated New Orleans and the surrounding areas. There are organization members on staff 24 hours a day taking care of the animals who will be picked up by their guardians when the storm passes and the mandatory evacuation ends. The mega shelter reached capacity this weekend before Gustav touched land, forcing workers to reroute many animals to other shelters. According to the HSUS, the organization felt much better prepared this time around than it did for hurricane Katrina, having spent significant time and money on disaster relief training and preparations. In many cases, families have been able to take their pets along with them to shelters and evacuation destinations allowing the entire family to stay together while waiting out the storm.

For more information or ways to help, visit the following resources:
HSUS Disaster Relief Fund

Jill Brodsky


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