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Greatest American Dog—Episode 8

In Greatest American Dog on August 29, 2008 at 4:18 pm

Bill and Star… you’re in a better place now. As much as I wanted the duo to win, at least they’re home and with their family now. Star is still one of the greatest American dogs in my heart—even if she can’t zipline. Guess she isn’t a flying orange star after all…

The drama this week didn’t come from Bill and Star, but from JD and Galaxy. Galaxy performed flawlessly (as usual) during the best in show challenge, but afterwards was limping. JD got someone to come in and look at Galaxy’s leg. She said it was a strained muscle and she should be fine. That’s not what next week’s previews showed—there’s a chance Galaxy’s injury could send her home. As much as JD cares about his dog, I’m sure he’d be crushed to leave the competition he thought he had in the bag. What a crazy plot twist that would be!

This episode also showed even more contradictions on behalf of the judges. Every week they stress not stressing your dog and this week they decide it’d be a good idea to have an elephant charge at the dogs.

Who wouldn’t want to run if a 9,000-pound animal was coming towards them? Once again, it makes me wonder what qualifies a dog as the “greatest” and how these ridiculous challenges exhibit that. And are we looking for the best dog or the best dog trainer?

This show seems to get worse and worse each week, yet I can’t stop watching…

  1. I’ve no doubt that the Greatest American Dog is right here next to me, waiting for me to quit looking at the computer and scratch his butt.

    I’m sure most dog owners feel likewise.

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