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What’s your pet’s idea of home design?

In Call for Submissions on August 18, 2008 at 10:15 pm

My cat Lula thinks that it is her right in life to shed on every piece of furniture, item of clothing, accessible draperies, rugs, blankets, pillows—basically anything that has fabric—that she comes across. If it’s somewhere she wants to sit, then she’s going to sit on it. And shed, like a Yeti. She’s particularly interested if one of those said items is new. And MOST certainly if it is something we especially don’t want her to appropriate for her own napping use. For example, when we moved into our new apartment last year, my husband and I deemed the guest bedroom as a “No Lula Zone.” That lasted about three days. Now it is HER room. And it’s covered, floor to ceiling, in tufts of white fur (especially the chocolate brown comforter—a poorly thought out purchase.).

This morning, my husband woke me up to let me know that our beloved fur machine had found her way to the top of the new dining room buffet. She was curled up, pretending to be sweet, on the (also brand new) woven Native American rug that we had brought back as a souvenir from our wedding trip in New Mexico. Sigh. Now we have a makeshift “barrier” up to keep her from jumping on it. Stacks of mail and magazines along the edge—oh so chic. Sigh.

However, this morning’s incident reminded me that we are having a home design-related contest here at Tails Pet Magazine. We wanna know how your pet likes to decorate! Well, sort of. Here are the details:

Sniff and Destroy

Has your cat ever vomited on your brand new sofa? Did your dog relieve himself on your favorite recliner? If so, Tails wants to hear from you. For our upcoming Style issue, we’d like you describe for us a home décor disaster involving a pet and if and how you remedied the situation. Entries should be upbeat, humorous, and no more than 100 words.

Email stories to style@tailsinc.org.

The winner(s) will get his/her story printed in the magazine. Good luck! Oh, and if you have images, send ’em our way!


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