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Greatest American Dog-Episode 6

In Greatest American Dog on August 14, 2008 at 4:34 pm

Where there’s Beth Joy, there’s drama. This week’s episode seemed a little far-fetched to me (pun intended). Previous Best in Show challenges had the dogs exhibiting skills the Greatest American Dog should have—obedience, manners, teamwork, etc—but the last two weeks challenges have seemed rather ridiculous. Dancing? And now, painting? Must the Greatest American Dog also be Salvador Doggy (as the episode was titled)? I agree the intelligence (the theme of the episode) is important, I’m just not sure painting is the best way to show it. What do you think?

Now back to Beth Joy. She said during the Dog Bone challenge that Bella Starlet was smarter than her (while holding her hands over Bella’s ears, of course. Don’t want it to go to her head!) At least she was the first to admit it. During the painting challenge Beth Joy put sponges on Bella’s sensitive front paws, causing her to yelp. A dog yelping is never a good sign. A couple episodes ago everyone had a cow when Theresa used snarl bands, but no one except Laura seemed to mind that Bella Starlet was in pain. Maybe Laura shouldn’t have called her out on it in front of the judges, but I didn’t expect Travis to take Beth Joy’s side. Way to stab your potential girlfriend in the back. Looks like those two won’t be exchanging numbers. I was sad to see Laura and Preston go, I thought they were a great team. Preston even has his own website full of great photos and videos.

I’m sure everyone will miss that little punk Pomeranian. Who will Beth Joy blow up at next week?

Previews for next week’s episode show Canine Academy being invaded by puppies and Star faltering during the Best in Show challenge. I don’t know if I can watch…


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