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New show focuses on Michael Vick case

In Animal News on August 11, 2008 at 4:53 pm

I’ve always been a sucker for animal shows, from the light and fluffy like Pet Project from the late 90’s (does anyone remember this show? It featured Kevin Frank and his Boston Terrier, Daisy) to more recent, more serious shows like Animal Cops.

If you’re a fan of the more serious animal shows, you may be interested in a new program that will premiere on Animal Planet on Sunday, August 24 at 10pm EST. It’s called Animal Witness: the Michael Vick Case. The hour-long program will feature interviews with specialists like Dr. Melinda Merck, senior director of Veterinary Forensics for the ASPCA and Annemarie Lucas, Supervisory Special Investigator for the ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement team.

The Michael Vick case generated a lot of buzz in the animal rights community, this will be a good opportunity to get more facts and expert opinions on the subject.

And if information isn’t enough, your dog can get revenge with a Michael Vick-shaped dog toy.

Several companies make them, this site claims to have the original.

For more information on the ASPCA’s fight against animal cruelty, visit FightCruelty.org.


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